Digital Printing for Food & Beverage Labels

Food & Beverage Labels not only provide Product name and data, but they also provide important variable information like nutrition charts, allergens information, serving size, directions for usage, QR codes & Barcodes etc.

Digital printing allows F&B industry to procure custom labels in small MOQs, with variable information along with being visually pleasing to attract customers.

Elements of a F&B Label:

  • Brand/Product name- A clear, descriptive, and legible printed Brand/Product name holds the power to attract new customers
  • Ingredients list- A must for all F&B labels, listed as per their weight.
  • Nutrition chart- This includes the serving size, calories, fat, protein, and other nutrients..
  • Allergen information- If product contains any major food allergens like nuts, soy, gluten etc.
  • Expiry- Along with date of production, import; the shelf life or expiry of the product should be available on the Food label.
  • Regulatory information- FSSAI license or any other statutory/regulatory requirements to be mentioned in the F&B label.
  • Product Barcodes- QR codes for customer engagement and Barcodes for ease in product identification.
  • Additional information- Serving suggestions, recipes, preparation instructions etc. can be additionally mentioned in the custom labels

Digital printing technology provides the advantage of ensuring that the Product labels include variable information on nutrition chart, allergens, regulatory requirements are printed in legible and descriptive manner.

Smaller MOQs make the ordering process cost effective as large inventories need not be maintained and easier to order Promotional or seasonal Brand labels. Place your order online today with one click on your device and get digitally printed custom F&B labels delivered right to your doorsteps.


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