Personalized Name Stickers: Engage with your customers!

Personalization helps to create a sense of belonging & trust.  At a time when every brand is looking to differentiate in the market, personalization can make your brand, product or packaging stand out & engage one-to-one with your loyal customers.

One of the most noticeable & impactful personalization campaigns in recent times was run by Coca Cola under ‘Share a Coke’ campaign, which enabled customer to go online and print their first names to the bottle or can of coke; available for delivery or pick up at nearest store location.  

 Coca Cola Ltd.

Image courtesy: Coca Cola ltd.
 Customization Option Benefits
Seasonal Promotion & More Keeps labels relevant throughout the year, add different artwork, seasonal logo to promote seasonal offers, events, and limited-time promotions, which can boost sales.
Customer Names Adds a personal touch to gifting products, making them more meaningful and memorable for recipients.
Customer Messages Enables personalized messages, enhancing the emotional impact of gift-giving and strengthening customer relationships.
Variable Barcodes for Security Enhances product security and traceability, crucial for protecting sensitive information and ensuring product authenticity.
QR Codes for Subscription & Social Media Simplifies the subscription process, making it convenient for customers to buy the products or sign up for newsletters, updates, or loyalty programs. Connects customers to your social media platforms, increasing engagement, brand visibility and cross-sell digital products like recipes & more among your target audience.


Just imagine your customers delight when they see their names printed on ordered products. Personalization does not need to be just limited to printing names; it could be a unique image, custom QR codes or relevant messaging. Brand owners can design personalized labels for prototypes, seasonal products, and exclusive small batches where each label is unique.

Here are a few ideas for using and utilizing the variable data labels in different contexts:

Use Case Variable Data Label Idea
Corporate Gifting Personalized labels with employee/recipient names and personal messages for a more thoughtful and customized corporate gift experience. QR codes can link to company-specific landing pages for added engagement.
Festive Packing Create festive labels with variable data, including holiday-themed artwork, logo, unique greetings, and QR codes that lead to special promotions or festive content, enhancing the overall holiday gifting experience for your buyer and their receiver.
Seasonal Products Design labels that change with the seasons, featuring relevant imagery, special offers, and QR codes for seasonal promotions, ensuring product packaging remains attractive and up-to-date throughout the year. Such as clothing brands can use the label according to the season collection i.e. spring collection.


Reference Label With Same Artwork & Different Customer's Name


How can I order Personalized Labels?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your labels as per category or as per packaging.
  3. Select your label size, type, quantity and finish. 
  4. Upload a high-resolution artwork.
  5. Select the personalization tab.
  6. Checkout and pay for labels and personalization.
  7. Our team will get in touch with you to understand personalization requirements.
  8. E-mail your data files to us (text, images, barcodes etc.)
  9. Digital proof will be sent on how the personalized label look like.
  10. On approval, personalized labels will be printed & shipped.
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