Labeling for a Better Future: How FSC Certification Impacts Consumer Choices

What’s in a Label?

Have you noticed this sign on Brand Labels, Product packaging lately?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. FSC labels are used to indicate that wood or wood-based products come from responsibly managed forests that adhere to FSC's strict environmental, social, and economic standards. There are several types of FSC labels:

  1. FSC 100%: Products with this label are made entirely from wood or fiber sourced from FSC-certified forests.
  2. FSC Recycled: This label indicates that the product is made entirely or partially from reclaimed material.
  3. FSC Mix: Products with this label contain a mix of FSC-certified material, reclaimed material, and/or material from controlled wood sources.

Why as a Brand, should you consider switching to FSC sourced Brand labels and packaging?


  1. Consumer Trust: FSC sustainable label materials provide consumers with a reliable way to identify product labels /brand labels that have been sourced sustainably. This allows consumers to make informed choices.
  2. Chain of Custody: Using FSC labels can help businesses protect chain of custody from source to consumption. Many consumers, businesses, and government agencies prefer to purchase FSC-certified brand labels / product labels.
  3. Meet Sustainability Goals: For companies committed to corporate social responsibility and sustainability, using FSC sustainable label materials demonstrates their commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship.
  4. Environmental Conservation: FSC-certified sustainable label materials come from responsibly managed forests.
  5. Social Responsibility: FSC certification ensures that forest workers are treated fairly, with respect for their rights, safety, and well-being.

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