Boost Your Brand with QR Codes on Packaging Labels

Are QR codes relevant on a Brand Label?

QR codes were first introduced to replace Barcodes, also known as 2D Barcodes a QR code can store a lot more data. With QR codes a product label can turn into a smart label. Dinolabeldigital gives the flexibility to incorporate static or variable QR codes into your Brand labels seamlessly. Regardless of the packaging, a QR code can be personalized on the round label, square label, any-shape label etc.

brand label with qr code

Using QR codes on Brand labels can provide several benefits for both the brand and the consumers. Here are some advantages of incorporating QR codes:

  1. Customer Engagement: The easiest way for a Brand to share additional information, promotions, videos, or other engaging content related to the product is through a QR code. Using a smartphone a customer can scan the QR code on the Labels and directly engage with the Brand.
  2. Product Information: A QR code is the smallest most efficient way to add details about the ingredients, directions of use, certifications, and any other relevant data that consumers may be interested in. Imagine a 38mm round label with a Brand name and just a QR code for all your Brand information. 
  3. Authenticity: Brands can use variable QR codes on Brand Labels, allowing customers to verify the authenticity of the product. This feature can help combat counterfeiting. Digital printing allows Brands to personalize their Labels with variable QR codes, with small MOQ and low turnaround time QR codes can change with every lot to counter counterfeiting.
  4. Promotional Campaigns: QR codes can be utilized as part of marketing and promotional campaigns. Brands can link QR codes to special offers, discounts, or loyalty programs. Personalizing the Brand labels/stickers with special festival QR codes in small MOQ can help businesses in seasonal promotions while saving them the expense of large label inventories. 
  5. Easy Access to Support and FAQs: Customers often have questions or encounter issues with products. QR codes can lead users to a support page or a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section, providing them with instant solutions to common problems or guidance on how to use the product effectively.
  6. Sustainability and Recycling: Brands committed to sustainability can use QR codes to provide information on how to recycle the packaging responsibly. This empowers consumers to dispose of the packaging in an eco-friendly manner and aligns with environmentally conscious brand values.
  7. Cross-Promotion and Upselling: Brands can use QR codes strategically to cross-promote other products in their lineup. For example, scanning a QR code on a food product could lead to a recipe suggestion using another product from the same brand, potentially increasing sales of both items.
  8. Mobile-Friendly Experience: As smartphone usage continues to rise, QR codes provide a seamless mobile-friendly experience for users. They can quickly access information without the need to type in URLs or search for details online.


At Dinolabeldigital the Brand owners can conveniently personalize their packaging labels, Brand labels with variable QR codes, making every label a unique label. Small MOQs, quick turnaround time, and digital printing in vibrant colours are added benefits.

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