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Beauty & Hygiene Labels
Beauty & Hygiene Labels
Beauty & Hygiene Labels
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Images are for reference only. Actual Label size & color may vary.

Suitable for: Beauty products, Scent/Perfume bottles, Soaps, Candles jars, Cream/scrub/body butter jars.

Beauty & Hygiene Labels

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Types of Beauty & Hygiene Labels

  1. Brand labels: Digitally printed labels with your brand, logo, product image description, barcodes, QR codes & contact info (E.g., circle/ square/ rectangle label).
  2. Ingredient labels: Information labels that offer list of ingredients, perfumes, registration & compliance info, etc. (E.g., square/ rectangle labels).
  3. Allergen labels: Labels that make your product different: Hypoallergenic, Organic, Vegan, cruelty-free, and more (E.g., circle labels).
  4. Seal labels: Self-adhesive labels for sealing & branding (E.g., any shape labels).


How it works?

  1. Select the size of your Label (from available Sizes).

  2. Choose Material Grade (Paper- Economical/ PP-film- Premium).

  3. Select Quantity (250, 500, 1000, 2000 pcs).

  4. Choose Finish (Matt/Gloss).

  5. Upload your artwork & check-out.



    1. Box labels: Custom labels for branding or sealing the box (E.g., 75mm x 38mm for sealing the box).
    2. Jar labels: Brand labels, nutrition labels for all type of glass jars. Skin creams, lip balms, etc. (E.g., 1.5” -2” Circle labels for lids and jars, 50mm x 200mm for wrap around labels).
    3. Glass Bottle labels: Brand labels for lotions, shampoos, serums, etc. (E.g., 38mm round label, 50 x 75mm rectangle label, any shape labels).

    For more information, check the FAQs page.

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